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Stuck With Your Novel? Get Unstuck!

You’re in the middle of NaNoWriMo, and you’re not coming up with anything. None of the prompts from the site are helping. Nothing is inspiring you. You're completely frustrated—and stuck. I know the feeling. It must be writer’s block, right? Or you’ve been deluding yourself. This just isn’t working for you. Maybe next year... Stop… Read More

Get Your Research On

If you’re a blogger, especially if you’re new, you might struggle to generate ideas for blog posts. Or you’re worried you don’t know enough about your subject. That you’re not expert enough. That people won’t believe you if you challenge popular beliefs. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence or that nagging negative voice. But sometimes… Read More

How to Avoid Passive Voice: Quiz

You’ve heard active verbs make your writing clear, more concise, and easier to read. Right? And passive verbs should be avoided because they’re clunky and imprecise. They can be confusing and difficult to read, too, because they require more words in a sentence than active verbs do. Recognizing passive and active verbs can be tricky… Read More

20 Things You Definitely Don’t Know About Me

One of the challenges I have with blogging is writing in a fun, casual way and just being me. I know a lot of other bloggers feel the same. When you’re writing about serious or complicated stuff—like grammar—it can be tough. Sometimes I write way too formally. That’s partly because of my years of academic… Read More

10 Tips to Prepare for National Novel Writing Month

Update: If you're in the middle of your novel and it's going slow, these tips will help: Stuck With Your Novel? Get Unstuck! NaNoWriMo is almost here! On November 1, writers around the world will start tapping keyboards like crazy to complete a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. Granted, you’ll need… Read More