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How to reach your writing goals in 2015

How was 2014 for you and your writing? Did you reach your goals? Rolling around in the guilt and regret much? My answers: mediocre, no, and no. What? Not regretting that you didn’t do this and didn’t complete that? Nope, I’m not regretting anything. Here’s why: [Tweet "Regretting the past steals time from the present… Read More

5 tips for personal stories in blog posts

What kinds of personal stories should you share in a blog post? It’s a tough call. You want to be honest and real—authentic. And in some niches, like personal development, readers want you to get personal. They want to know how you lost 100 pounds, how you’re paying off debt, or how you finally found… Read More

5 Tips to Write Better Blog Posts

You put the final touches on your blog post and lean back. There. All Done. Confident until now, doubt suddenly takes over. You shrug it off, but your fingers shake as you click “publish.” And there's no turning back. Strobe lights and laser beams scorch your eyes as blank faces in the audience stare. You… Read More

Banish comma confusion for good: Take this comma quiz

If commas confuse you, you’re not alone. Like many writers, you might play a guessing game: I'm pretty sure that’s right, you might think, as you pop a comma somewhere in a sentence. Or echoes of English teachers ring in your ears: Use a comma where you naturally pause, whispers Mrs.O’Leary or Mr. Radnor. But… Read More

9 reasons writers need websites

  Writers need websites, end of story. No matter what kind of writer you are—a novelist, a non-fiction book writer, a freelance writer, or even a brand-new writer without a clue—you need a website. Why? Before I get into the why, let me discuss the what. A static website is a site that rarely changes… Read More