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To hell with writing excuses! Flip your switch on

Either you have a goal—or you don’t. Either you have a priority—or you don’t. Either writing matters to you—or it doesn’t. It’s that simple. Let’s get real here. I know all about the excuses. I know all about how life just somehow happens—yeah, right—and you get caught up in all sorts of stuff. You think… Read More

The secret resource for smart writers

What’s that? You don’t know where to put a comma in that sentence? Say it ain’t so! You’re worried your grammar isn’t good enough? Say it ain’t so! You don’t know how to quote someone, set up dialogue, or format a manuscript? Oh, heartbreaker, say it ain’t so! You might have wondered, at one point… Read More

What’s the difference between editing and proofreading?

A lot of beginner writers and even more experienced writers wonder: What’s the difference between editing and proofreading? And what’s copyediting? Then there’s developmental editing, substantive editing, and stylistic editing. Structural editing, line editing, project editing, technical editing, and fact checking. Even proofreading is sometimes (erroneously) called editing, although there is such a thing as… Read More

Does grammar matter?

As long as readers can understand you, grammar shouldn’t matter. Or should it? Your ideas are big and important, and that’s what readers should pay attention to, right? Or you don’t want to come off as a snob or stuffy or pedantic or anything other than yourself. You write from the heart and the soul… Read More

Essential writing steps for blog posts

Do you ever wonder how other writers write? How they create a blog post or any other kind of writing? What their writing steps are? If you feel frustrated and lost sometimes—especially if you're tormented by writers block—take a look at my system in the screencast below. I intentionally saved the steps (in separate documents)… Read More