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Colors: A Novel

Colors: A Novel

Autumn Rose Mackenzie—smart, beautiful, and down to earth—is wrestling with limitations. After an idyllic childhood in Philadelphia’s upscale suburbs, she abandons her dream of becoming an artist and does what’s expected of her: a couple Ivy League degrees, a successful career, a big house, an expensive car, and a husband who seems perfect.

But her predictable life is abruptly turned upside down. Just when she suspects her marriage is a mistake, her parents are killed in a gruesome car crash, and she buries her heart in her work. Five years later, she trades in her slingbacks for an artist’s smock when she’s laid off.

As her talent blossoms and her confidence grows, the layers of the self she’s created begin to fall away. But her husband’s erratic behavior worsens, and she leans on her lifelong best friend and files for divorce.

Creating artwork she can sell and developing a business, however, take time and focus, and she needs help. Jory, a mesmerizing graduate student ten years her junior, is far more than the personal chef she was looking for. He’s committed to a professional relationship until she’s divorced, but their passion batters the walls they build. And as Autumn reawakens to freedom, desire, and her true path, her husband is determined to destroy her, and Jory’s caught in the maelstrom. Will it tear them apart, or will love grow and passion break down the walls?

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The Scene of Destruction

Playing With Fire
(passionate scene—text might not be safe for work)


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