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Colors Freebie Links


Here’s where you can download a free copy of Colors if you don’t have a Kindle.

ePub works on most ebook readers including Nook. You can also read it on Adobe Digital Editions, a free download for both Mac and Windows.

PDF works on Adobe Acrobat reader and Nook, at least on my 2012 version. It may also work on other readers. If you don’t have it (it’s pretty standard on most PCs, tablets, and iPhones) get it free here: Adobe Acrobat

.mobi works on Kindle. I don’t know if it works on anything else. I don’t think so. I’m providing this in case you want the free offer but didn’t want to deal with the Kindle Unlimited hassle. (If you’re not a member and don’t want to be, you could sign up for a trial, no-cost membership, but I know that’s not always something readers want to do. It’s a fairly new thing, and I wasn’t aware of it when I set up the freebie as I did.)

You might find some small formatting issues on these versions. If any are bothersome, please let me know. And thanks so much for your interest!

If you enjoy Colors, won’t you please leave a review on Amazon? I’d appreciate it so much. Even if you have a gripe or two, that’s fine. Honesty is the best policy! Click here: Colors: A Novel