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Every writer or author needs an editor.

It’s hard to copyedit or proofread your own writing because you know what you mean, and it’s easy to skip over words, phrases, and even sentences. Plus, by the time you’re done, you’re tired of looking at it. And even though you know better, those misspelled words, punctuation problems, and confusing or misleading statements remain unnoticed—except by your readers.

On top of that, you might not know how to fix an awkward sentence or smooth out a confusing, wordy jumble of ideas.

Don’t let typos, misspelled words, or grammar errors tarnish your masterpiece.

Then there’s wordiness. Organization problems. Sheer walls of text that make your readers cringe at the thought of reading them. Repetition. Inconsistency. Word choice errors. Tricky colloquial expressions familiar to British writers but gibberish to Americans and vice versa.

Even if your readers aren’t international, your fiction or non-fiction writing must be understood by all who read it.

Not sure of the difference between copyediting and proofreading? Read this.

Put my skills and love of the written word to work for you.

  • US or British English
  • Chicago, AP, and Oxford style manuals (I follow standard, professional rules for writing, but I also know how to break the rules as needed.)
  • APA and MLA or your “house style” also available

My experience includes

  • BA and MA in English
  • 15 years professional editing experience
  • University-level teaching and tutoring
  • English as second language expertise
  • Published fiction author
  • Long-time non-fiction freelance writer and blogger
  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association

I offer expert copyediting for

  • Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)
  • Non-fiction such as opt-in material or thought leadership/expertise ebooks. I’m particularly experienced with business/marketing, entrepreneurship, self-help/spirituality, health/fitness, food/diet, and technical subjects such as WordPress. Academic papers (theses and dissertations) in humanities, social sciences and other fields also welcome.
  • If I haven’t listed your subject matter, please ask! I’m well-versed in medical and veterinary topics, for example.

Check out some of my writing here. And take a look at copyediting samples here and here. (This is “heavy copyediting” also called line editing.)

Let my no-nonsense, get-it-done approach make your job easier.

Your voice and your style are always retained while I polish your writing until it shines. Check out some testimonials, and learn more about improvements I’ll make in your novel.

Email me using the form below.

I’ll respond as soon as possible (usually 24 hours except weekends) with prices, availability, and additional information.

Note: I work with MS Word and Track Changes. For word count on MS Word, click Tools in the menu bar or look in the status bar at the bottom left. In Pages, word count is in the status bar at bottom left or Inspector (Document/Info).

Fiction genres: All genres welcome except children’s books. In any genre, I don’t work with themes that support anything illegal, that support hurting children or animals, that support discrimination, hatred, or misogyny and the like, or that feature gratuitous violence, blood, gore, or cruelty.

Please use the simple form below for more information. (My more detailed form is under repair though you might see the link.) Please tell me a little about your project, the subject, and the word count. I usually respond within 24 hours except on weekends.