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A heartrending, passionate story about a determined woman’s struggle to reclaim her dreams and herself.

For Autumn, everything is about color: shades of blue skies, sunsets, clouds, and storms. The flowers she grows and paints. Vegetables in a grocery store. The shimmer of gold in chestnut hair. A button-up shirt, a man’s underwear. The colors of love.

And now her world has unraveled. After losing her parents in a tragic car crash, her husband’s emotional abuse becomes unbearable, and her house in the country—the perfect Philadelphia getaway—only isolates her when she’s laid off from the job she escaped to.

Armed with ambition, she’s determined to resurrect her long-buried dream of becoming an artist. But she needs help, and after an electrifying chance meeting with gorgeous grad student Jory, she hires him as her part-time chef.

Her talent blossoms, but friends desert her, and her soon-to-be-ex husband is bent on destruction. And as she struggles to find her place in the art world, her long-gone passion burns hot. Her best friend holds her up as her husband tries to break her down, and her chef’s … gorgeous. Will the maelstrom destroy them, or will love grow and passion break down the walls?

A heady, contemporary page-turner swirling with suspense, romance, open-door passion, and myriad highs and lows, Colors is, above all, a woman’s quest for self-identity and freedom on her own terms.

Colors - A Novel by Leah McClellan

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2036 The Final Resistance Leah McClellan

The Final Resistance 

The Final Resistance is a dystopian paranormal novella that seems quite the opposite of Colors. Kathryn, the main character, is much younger than Autumn and more concerned with survival and raising her daughter than deciding what to paint. But despite their differences, both Autumn and Kathryn are strong women determined to make the best of their unique situations in life.

Everything has changed.

After widespread bombings, 16-year-old Kathryn Foster becomes an orphan, and she fantasizes about using her Power to stop the seeds of fascism before they take root. But when she’s assaulted a few years later, her Power fails. Pregnant, her options are illegal and dangerous, but with her friend Maheen’s help, she lovingly raises her daughter, Regina.

As conditions worsen, her buried rage emerges. And twelve years later, resisters organize an army of Power. Kathryn’s Power. Regina’s Power. Maheen’s Power. And the organizer is not only a well-known politician, he’s the last person Kathryn wants to see. But it’s America’s chance for freedom, and it’s kill or be killed. Can she trust him?

2036 The Final Resistance Leah McClellan