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Avoid Cliches Like Snakes in the Grass

Everyone uses clichés in ordinary speech, and why not? They capture your thoughts and ideas in the blink of an eye and communicate them easily, as long as you’re among others who understand your favorite clichés. But consider this: if you’re a blogger, freelance writer, or author, your writing will be read by readers of… Read More

Five Ways to Get Writing Experience

How can you get writing experience if you don’t have anything to write? If you’re thinking of writing for a living—freelance writing—you might be in a tough spot. You know you can write, but you don’t have any proof of your experience. No clips. No links. No portfolio. And how are you supposed to get… Read More

What’s Your Excuse for Not Writing?

What’s your favorite excuse for not doing something you really want to do? Like writing, for example. No matter what kind of writer you are—blogger, freelancer, creative writer or novelist—you’re probably prone to making excuses when you don’t feel like sitting at your desk or table and tapping out letters and words. Or on your… Read More

What is a sentence? What you need to know

The lowly sentence. So elementary, or so you might think. But when was the last time you thought about sentences? When have you wondered what, exactly, a sentence is? “It’s a complete thought,” you might say, confidence oozing from your pores. Some of you cross your arms over your chest, roll your eyes, or even… Read More

10 Essential Editing Tips

Not sure how to edit your novel or short story? Even if you’re writing non-fiction, here’s the rule: Editing begins when writing ends. When you’re absolutely sure your story or article is finished, that’s the time to start editing. “Finished” means the story is completely done to your satisfaction. In fact, you might think it… Read More