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How to write and publish a short novel in just 30 days

When I told a writer friend I have a new book out, she nodded. “Yup. That was good. Enjoyed it.” I could tell she was being nice about my tendency to repeat stuff I’ve already mentioned. But in this case, I wasn’t talking about Colors. It was talking about something totally different. “No, no. Not that… Read More

Get Started in Screenwriting and Write That Box Office Hit

If you’re a film buff, you might dream of writing the perfect screenplay. You know you have the talent, and joining the ranks of the most sought-after, established screenwriters has been a long-time goal. Or you just think it would be a cool thing to try; so many movies are disappointments, after all, and couldn’t you… Read More

The Em Dash and How to Use It Correctly

Do you use em dashes? Do you know what an em dash is? If you do, you’re in good company. Lots of writers use em dashes—a lot. I definitely do—sometimes more than I should. And because too many em dashes detract from effectiveness—plus look sloppy and unprofessional—if I have more than one or two on… Read More

Stop procrastinating with your writing

No matter what kind of writer you are—fiction or non-fiction—you’re probably guilty of procrastinating somewhere along the way. Frustrating, isn't it? Maybe you’ve started five novels and haven’t completed one. You’ve written rough drafts of essays and haven’t published any. You have brilliant ideas for magazine articles, but your drafts are hidden in the deep… Read More

5 reasons to follow a style guide

Do you follow a style guide? Do you know which one you should use? Lots of writers have questions about grammar and punctuation or, if you’re like me, sometimes you forget the rule for unusual situations you rarely see or use. Or you know the rule changed, but you need to make sure. Just a… Read More