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What is a sentence? What you need to know

The lowly sentence. So elementary, or so you might think. But when was the last time you thought about sentences? When have you wondered what, exactly, a sentence is? “It’s a complete thought,” you might say, confidence oozing from your pores. Some of you cross your arms over your chest, roll your eyes, or even… Read More

10 Essential Editing Tips

Not sure how to edit your novel or short story? Even if you’re writing non-fiction, here’s the rule: Editing begins when writing ends. When you’re absolutely sure your story or article is finished, that’s the time to start editing. “Finished” means the story is completely done to your satisfaction. In fact, you might think it… Read More

Love your writing

Do you love your writing? Or do you hate it? A fellow writer recently shared an article on FaceBook called “Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Hating Your Own Work.” It’s about writing, and it’s interesting, but it had me flummoxed.  Why would anyone hate their writing? I had trouble wrapping my head around… Read More

How to write an online book review

Writing an online book review can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. And it doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes to write. For starters, why write a book review? So. You’ve read a novel or a non-fiction book, you’re thrilled with it, and you want to let the author and… Read More

Flash Fiction — Fairy Tale Archetypes

Whether you’re familiar with fairy tales and archetypes or not, what does the illustration above make you think of? How does it make you feel? What kind of story — in 1500 words or less — could you tell based on that image? What are fairy tale archetypes? An archetype is a character, idea, symbol… Read More