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5 Tips to Writing Blog Posts That Make Sweet Dreams, Not Nightmares

You put the final touches on your blog post and lean back. There. All Done. Confident that this post is The One That Makes You Famous, you look it over one more time. And fear takes over. You shrug it off—you've been writing blog posts for awhile now. This one's good. It's great! But your… Read More

Why Write a Short Story?

Many of you know I’m working on a novel, so you might be surprised that I just finished a short story and published it on Amazon and other online outlets via Smashwords. But I’ll bet some of you might be wondering why I’d break concentration on a novel and write a short story. Isn’t the… Read More

The Secrets of Using Semicolons

Do you use semicolons? Do you know how? Good writers often avoid them rather than make a mistake. Some even think semicolons are “old school” or too formal to use in their writing, while others fling ‘em around like wet noodles—some of ‘em stick, some don’t. But it’s not that hard to get the hang… Read More

How to Write a Novel: 25 Top Articles

So you’re writing a novel. Or you want to. And no matter how many novels you’ve read, you’ve probably found out that writing one is a completely different story. Even if you’re an experienced non-fiction writer—maybe a blogger or a freelance writer—there’s a lot to learn when it come to fiction writing. And the best… Read More

Ellipses, Ellipsis, Suspension Points, Oh My

If you’re like a lot of writers—and I suspect you are—you might not be sure how to use ellipsis points, also known as suspension points or simply ellipses. Even the spelling and meaning can be confusing. Ellipsis (singular) can refer to an omission of words, a phrase, or even an entire paragraph or more from… Read More