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2018: Set Writing Goals and Make Time for Epiphanies

Happy New Year, writers! What’s up your writerly sleeve for 2018? I’m posting this, by the way, a few days after January 1 as a reminder that you can set writing goals any time (remember that). After all, goal setting doesn’t have to be a big, shiny new year thing. Besides, January 1 and all… Read More

Traditional Publishing, Self-publishing, Indie and Vanity Publishing

Traditional publishing, self-publishing, indie-publishing, and vanity-publishing. It’s enough to make your head spin, and with all the constant changes, it’s hard to keep up. It’s even hard to have a conversation sometimes. The trouble is that the terminology we use in almost any industry, sport, hobby, or even a company is almost always well-known by… Read More

Write Your Truth and Skip “Write What You Know”

You’ve heard the advice to “write what you know,” right? It sounds kind of wise and deep. Profound, even. And beginning writers scramble their brains trying to figure out what they know and how to write it. I know I did. Sometimes the conclusion is “I don’t know anything,” and you give up after a… Read More

How to Write a Résumé as a Creative Professional

Guest contributor Neely Raffellini is the founder of 9 to 5 Project, which helps professionals get the tools they need to land jobs they love. For more information, visit or email hello[at]9to5project[dot]com.  Sometimes I think people dread writing their resumes about as much as doing their taxes. #truestory And that’s for people who have a… Read More

How to Write Good Critiques

Receiving a critique of your writing can be challenging, especially if you don’t know your critique partners or writing group members well. The first few times can even kick off anxiety, embarrassment, and discouragement. And learning to write good critiques can be equally difficult. If you’re a beginning writer, a “critique” is thoughtful, intelligent feedback… Read More