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That or Which: When to Use Them and Why It Matters

Most writers, at some point or another, wonder whether to use that or which. You might try it one way and then another to see what sounds better, then you change it back, but something’s still wrong. So you add a comma or two, but that doesn’t sound right either. It’s enough to drive you… Read More

11 Awesome Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

Good writers aren’t born, they’re made, and that means practice and constant learning. If you write blog posts—as a hobby, for your own business, as an author, or as a freelance writer—you know keeping up with the ever-changing rules, apps, expectations, and algorithms in the blogosphere can feel almost impossible. But becoming the best writer… Read More

Jazz up your sentences with these 5 tips

If you use the same kinds of sentences over and over, your writing will be as monotonous as the steady beat of a bass drum with no other percussion or instruments seen or heard. But if you jazz things up with a snare drum, tom-toms, hi-hats and cymbals and change up the beat for different… Read More

Monday Motivation: Writing Priorities

When it comes to creative ventures (or athletic pursuits!), here are a few things I’ve learned about my writing priorities. Output decreases in direct proportion to (unrelated) input. In other words, when your mind is cluttered with unrelated information coming in from the outside world, it’s hard to access your inner creative world. The latest… Read More

Avoid Cliches Like Snakes in the Grass

Everyone uses clichés in ordinary speech, and why not? They capture your thoughts and ideas in the blink of an eye and communicate them easily, as long as you’re among others who understand your favorite clichés. But consider this: if you’re a blogger, freelance writer, or author, your writing will be read by readers of… Read More