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What are misplaced modifiers?

You’ve probably heard of misplaced modifiers. But do you know what they are? A lot of writers have trouble understanding them because they’re confusing and difficult to spot. But if you take time to understand them—and avoid them in your writing—you’ll be less likely to confuse your readers. What is a modifier? A modifier is… Read more

What Causes Writer’s Block and How to Beat It

That old scourge of many a writer: writer’s block. Is it really a thing? Or is it all in your head? I’ll give it to you straight: writer’s block is really a thing, and yes, it’s all in your head. Where else could it be? But “all in your head” doesn’t mean writer’s block is… Read more

Paragraphs in Fiction – What You Need to Know

Have you thought about paragraphs lately? If you’re a blogger or a copywriter, chances are good you think about them regularly. One, two, or three sentences—four is stretching it. And if you believe all blog post “paragraphs” should consist of one sentence only, you don’t have much to think about. If you’re an essayist or… Read more

How to Write the First Line and Paragraph of Your Novel

Do you struggle with starting a novel? You might have heard that the first line and paragraph of your novel are super important, which only piles on the pressure. I know the feeling, and I’ll bet most authors fret over those first few sentences and paragraphs. I wonder how long George Orwell thought about his… Read more

15 Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Beginner

Freelancers, bloggers, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, novelists, creative writers… No matter what you call yourself, no writer wants to look like a beginner, even if you are. But here’s the thing. Regardless of your expertise or experience level, writing mistakes don’t look good. Readers expect certain rules and conventions in quality writing, and if you’re… Read more