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Essential writing steps for blog posts

Do you ever wonder how other writers write? How they create a blog post or any other kind of writing? What their writing steps are?

If you feel frustrated and lost sometimes—especially if you’re tormented by writers block—take a look at my system in the screencast below.

I intentionally saved the steps (in separate documents) from a post I wrote a few weeks ago so I could share them with you.

And you know what I started with, right? An outline! Of course.

An outline is essential

The other steps are important too. But if you don’t start with an outline, all you’ll have is a mass of ideas that—at best—creates confusion.

Questions or comments? Fire away!

And yeah, I know my refrigerator started running halfway through. Apparently my microphone is more sensitive than I thought. (I’ll unplug it next time. 🙂

BPB afterpost

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  • I am merely a want to be writer. Knowing where to begin and by following your example, I have more hope of realizing this aspiration. Thank you for your well presented guide.

    • Glad to be of help, Mary! “Wanting to be” is a great start. Hang around and you’ll get plenty of ideas and inspiration 🙂


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