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Blog vs. Blog Post: What’s the Difference?

If you want everyone to know you’re a newbie blogger—or you don’t get out much—call a blog post a “blog.” I’m writing a blog today. I get paid to write blogs. How long should a blog be? I started seeing “blog” used like this 7-8 years ago, but it’s much more widespread now. It’s typically… Read more

What stops you from writing? + 10 writing prompts

Seems like everybody’s talking about writing schedules, writing habits, and writing challenges these days. Newsletters from the many blogs and podcasts I follow are cramming my inbox with topics like how to draft an outline in xx days, why you’ve fallen off the writing wagon, or how to fulfil your writing dream. And that’s exactly… Read more

Self-Editing Skills Improve by Reading the News

tt a Keeping up with the news keeps you informed. But you can also use it to improve your self-editing skills by intentionally looking for mistakes or confusing writing. I know, I know. You’re tired of the news. You don’t have time or it’s too distracting or upsetting. Or you watch it on TV. But… Read more

Free Writer Tools Plus Low-cost Options

What’s not to love about free writer tools? For starters, even if you prefer to write rough drafts in longhand—pen and paper—all writers eventually need word processing software of some kind. Sure, MS Word is the standard. But if a yearly subscription for Microsoft 365 puts a dent in your budget—or you just don’t like… Read more

Need Writing Motivation? Camp NaNoWriMo Is the Answer

Need some writing motivation but can’t seem to make it happen on your own? Well, there are all sorts of sneaky tricks you can use, like Camp NaNoWriMo which starts April 1. It’s the best way I know of to kick your fingers into motion. Do you know what it is? Most of you probably… Read more