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Find Your Missing Peace

Find peace, joy, and happiness

Why does life feel so hard sometimes? We’re stressed and on edge, and we wonder why things never work out the way we planned. We chase an elusive happiness in our careers, our relationships, our social status, and our money, but there’s always something missing.

The problem is that happiness is fleeting, and we constantly need more to fill us up. And the inner peace we were born with has gone missing.

As adults, we can find that missing peace because it hasn’t gone anywhere. That inner peace and carefree innocence we seem to have left behind is still with us, but it’s buried under layers and layers of the habits, thinking, and beliefs we grew up with or developed and still hang on to.

Our peace is within us. We just have to set it free.

Based on both research and the author’s personal experience, this easy-to-read and occasionally humorous book explains how the process of living buries the inherent peace that was once ours. By examining and rethinking the strategies that aren’t working for us, we can relearn ways of living that allow our peace to resurface and develop new skills that invite it to stay.

Fifty common situations are discussed along with suggestions for alternative courses of action. Plus, a lengthy list of recommended reading includes books, online articles, and videos for further exploration. Neither short nor long, the book’s eight chapters divided in sections and almost 35,000 words give the reader plenty to think about.

By examining and peeling away the layers that hide it, we can find our missing peace and live our lives with more satisfaction, success, and happiness than we thought possible.

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Find peace, joy, and happiness

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Reclaim The ‘Peace’ You Were Born With

Rosemary Hannan

What makes this book so different and so much more rewarding than many self-help books is that its author, Leah McClellan, writes from the heart and shoots from the hip. As an experienced writer and editor who majored in psychology and English at university, she also shares her life experiences and the lessons she learned through the “school of hard knocks.”

It’s a no-nonsense “tell-it-all as it is kind of read,” that step by step, teaches us how we can identify and eradicate the emotional baggage that has taken us further away from the peace and wisdom we were born with. “By the time we’re adults, our actions aren’t springing from things we’ve learned in peace so much as they’re based on what we’ve learned in pain or avoidance of pain.” McClellan talks about “honoring our boundaries,” communicating clearly and saying what we mean. We find out how to respect ourselves by acting in alignment with our values and beliefs. How to dig deep to find out what’s really bothering us when we slip into “negative” mode, learning that we can choose how to react to our emotions rather than letting them take control of us. Listening to our gut, how to handle anger, maybe we need to break rules that don’t serve us . . . the sheer joy of wearing odd socks because we feel like it! All in all, this book is about examining our lives in detail and the plethora of habits and self-limiting beliefs that we’ve picked up along our journey so that we can declutter that which no longer serves us.

No matter how enlightened or clever we think we are or how far we think we’ve come, I believe that we can all benefit from reading this book . . . peeling back through the pages of our life story like layers of an onion, so that as McClellan points out, we can “find our inner peace shining in the darkness.”

Searching for Inner Peace? If yes, this book is for you.


“By the time we’re adults, our actions aren’t springing from things we’ve learned in peace so much as they’re based on what we’ve learned in pain or avoidance of pain.” Leah gives her reader an understanding of not only what one must do to create real and lasting inner peace, but why inner peace can be so elusive.

Her life experiences inform her wisdom, compassion and understanding. She’s not writing form a theoretical place, but from personal experience. I enjoyed her idea of having “peace projects” (Chapter 6). Since reading about inner peace isn’t always enough to get us there, she offers ways one can practice creating inner peace while experiencing a re-occurring stressful situation by having personal peace projects. This is what makes this book different, its actionable guidance that you can take and work on so you can live with the peace you’re seeking.

In 8 chapters she lays out a clear road-map covering the numerous areas and nuances that tend to get in the way of living with inner peace, and offers practical approaches to each and everyone. It’s a perfect length book with no “fluff” or filler. It’s one of those books you’ll read more than once, and will become a resource where you flip back to your favorite pages when you need a reminder.

Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!

Sheri Miesner Phegley

 Leah does a fantastic job of tackling some of life’s many challenges that tend to stand in people’s way to finding their peace in her latest ebook. She handles complex issues delicately and with poise and grace and offers practical solutions for many common problems. The final thoughts at the end of each section are especially helpful in helping to reinforce the ideas, problems and solutions that have just been discussed and tackled. Two enthusiastic thumbs up and a must read for anyone with personal daily struggles, and for anyone who needs those “sometimes” reminders when life becomes overwhelming.

Peace in simple actions


This book is a wonderful companion when it comes to practicality and peace. With specific, straightforward steps you get to clear all sorts of clutter from your life and create more room for peace.

I love Leah’s style and openness. She tells it as it is—direct, simple and powerful.

If you desire more peace in your life you need to do the work—physical, mental and emotional, from relationships to your surroundings and everything in between.

Each chapter gives specific steps to move towards a more peaceful life. Work with the chapters that address your issues first. Regardless of what part of your life you want to focus on, you will find something in this book that will help you in having more peace right now.

Find peace, joy, and happiness

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