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Hi there!

You probably landed on this page because it was in my bio at Write to Done or another blog where I had a featured guest post. Or you might have found it while searching for some expert writing help.

Welcome to Simple Writing!

I have to apologize, though. The free writing course is not offered right now. Hundreds of readers loved it, but I’m re-doing it so it’s even better.

Meanwhile,  you might want to pick up a free copy of The Simple Writing Writer’s Guide. You’ll get loads of great tips from an experienced writer and copyeditor.

And if you need more than just a short ebook, I also offer several writing courses. Want to learn how to write blog posts faster? Better? Check out Blog Post in a Box.

Browse around the site, and make yourself at home. There’s plenty to read, and lots more to come. And any time you have a question, you can always get in touch by email.

Thanks for visiting!

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