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If you’re an experienced writer with a blog, you know that crafting effective, regularly scheduled blog posts isn’t always easy.

And if you’re a blogger without a lot of writing experience, you might feel totally confused. Overwhelmed. Discouraged. Or you’re just not sure whether your writing is any good.

And without a doubt, if you’ve tried your hand at guest posting—and you didn’t have much luck—there’s a reason.

You want to write better blog posts with less worry and stress, but how?

Online writing and blog posts or articles are different from other types of writing.

You’re not a newspaper reporter or a journalist. And you’re not a grant writer or a technical writer.

You’re not in school, either, writing a formal essay or a research paper. You’re not arguing some controversial issue with a gazillion references on your “Works Cited” page. And you’re probably not trying to prove that experts are wrong and your theory is right.

A blog post is different from any other type of writing. And knowing the difference is the key to easier, more confident writing.

You’re writing for readers who need clear, easily understood, actionable advice.

Readers want advice they can take action on and use right away. Tips that will make their lives and work easier and better. Insider information they can use to succeed with their goals. And they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading or figuring out what you’re trying to say.

Plus, you’re writing for readers you care about. Readers who are a part of your tribe or will be. Readers who will hopefully buy your book, take your course, or hire you as a freelancer. Readers whose trust and respect you must earn.

Remember, your readers give you your “grade,” not a teacher or a professor. And that grade is a subscription, a nice comment, a purchase, a tweet—or the click of a back button (the equivalent of failure). And that means your writing has to be different from anything else you’ve ever written.

Sure, a good blog post is similar to any well-organized article. But how do you write one?

How do you transform your expertise into a blog post your readers will enjoy and benefit from?

How can you squeeze your rambling thoughts into a blog post that makes sense and doesn’t take too long to write?

And if you’ve got writer’s block, forget it. Where do you even begin?

A writing class, even an online class or a coach, isn’t a choice at this point. You need the information now. And you need to make it happen now. Not in a few weeks or months. Now.

Here’s the solution: Blog Post in a Box.

Write better blog posts

Brainstorm a topic. Pick a template. Fill in the blanks. It’s that easy.

Your blog post isn’t written for you, so you’ll still have some work to do. But the organization and format is done. And after some time of working with the templates (plus the tools and your bonus), you’ll have at least a few formats memorized, your writing will improve rapidly, and you’ll have smooth sailing ahead.

And loads of confidence!

Peter's picPeople spend huge amounts of time writing blog posts. They stress over every detail. But often the result isn’t a great post because something doesn’t work quite right.

The templates you get in Blog Post in a Box take away much of the work, confusion, and uncertainty. They can even remove writer’s block because you’ll have a clear plan to follow.

Plus, you get the tools for writing posts faster and easier, so you can focus on helping your readers and growing your blog.Peter Sandeen, Marketing Message and Conversion Optimization Expert

What’s in the box?


Nine detailed templates for different types of blog posts.

Blog Post in a Box is in a digital box, of course. Everything’s wrapped up in a Zip file with three folders that contain your materials. When you open the folders, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Your Blog Post in a Box Instruction Manual: 16 pages of expert blogging advice
  • The Guide to Blog Post Types and Templates: a 13-page manual to help you match your ideas to a blog post style
  • Nine blog post templates with instructions for writing the most popular blog post types (MS Word, Mac Pages, and PDF formats)
  • Editing and Proofreading Tips: a 28-page manual that covers everything from introductions to conclusions
  • Transition Tips: over 350 transitional words and phrases to keep your readers reading
  • Bonus: “101 Headline Formulas: Capture Attention and Get Your Message Read” (a 47-page ebook)


Pascale KavanaughI wish there was a product like this when I started my blogging career. It would have saved oodles of struggling and making every mistake in the book. Leah’s years of experience and success in this milieu have been distilled in this comprehensive product.

If you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your work, don’t re-invent the wheel. Start with a proven method and a successful template. Blog Post in a Box is both of those things. —Pascale Kavanagh at FeedYourSoul

The best things in the box are the things you can’t see.

The skills you’ll develop. The self-confidence. The sureness. The ability to break through writer’s block. Less stress and less worry.

And more skill means less time spent writing blog posts. Time to work on other aspects of your blog, business, or family and personal interests.

Did I mention increased traffic to your blog?

All the SEO and social media skills in the world won’t make visitors hang around if your writing doesn’t hold their attention. Plus, Google as well as other search engines include the quality of your blog posts in their ranking systems.

And who’s going to share your posts on Facebook or Twitter if they’re not well written, easy to read, and interesting? Maybe your family and friends will, sure. But when it comes to growing a blog, you’re counting on total strangers to spread the word.


Mary JakschIf you want to learn how to write, Leah McClellan is the expert to go to. You’ll improve your writing—and enjoy the ride.
—Mary Jaksch, Chief Editor, Write to Done


How much does it cost? 

Originally, I charged $49 for Blog Post in a Box, and I’ve offered it at $29 or “pay what you want” occasionally. The price is low because I know how many writers are struggling or simply can’t pay for yet another course or useful solution for the blogging challenge. And right now, I’m heading into creative writing more than non-fiction and blogging, and I want to help as many bloggers-to-be as possible. Even bloggers who have been writing for a couple of years will find Blog Post in a Box super helpful.

I’ve settled on a flat $10 bucks. I’d make it perma-free or “pay what you want” forever, if I could, but I look at it like this: I work hard so you don’t have to. 

I want to help writers and bloggers succeed. Blog Post in a Box could sell for much more, but so many writers who need help don’t have super flexible budgets. You have kids or bills or school loans to pay. Maybe a stressful job, health issues, and who knows what else. And I want to help as many people as I can. I want you to move forward with your blogging and writing career! I know you can do it.

I love Blog Post in a Box—best buy of 2015. Fantastic information and clearly laid out. I can only imagine the amount of time you must have spent putting all this together. Excellent work. Many thanks for giving me a great head start on my blogging career. —Alison McCormack

Blog Post in a Box is guaranteed to improve your writing and your blogging experience.

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