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Most Popular Blog Posts at Simple Writing

Most popular blog posts

It never fails. The blog post you thought was brilliant just seems to flop.

Sometimes it’s a busy time of year, and people don’t have time to read. And then it gets some fairly good search engine traffic later on, but it never becomes uber-popular. Or maybe—sometimes you’ll have to admit it—the post just plain old sucks rocks.

But over time, if you check your stats, certain blog posts attract loads of search engine traffic over and over and over again. They’ll never go viral, but they’re like classics in your wardrobe or the backbone of your site: perennial content that never goes out of style because readers want and need to read it.

These five posts are consistently the most popular posts here at Simple Writing.

And since they were all written a year or two ago, you might not have read them.

Check them out!

Writer’s Voice: What it is and how to develop yours

Whether you’re writing fiction (as in short stories or novels) or non-fiction (articles or blog posts), your writer’s voice develops with time, just like a singer’s. Whether it’s deliberate learning or not, if you keep on writing, you’ll eventually develop a voice that’s yours and yours alone.

Banish comma confusion for good: Take this comma quiz

If you want to improve your writing—your style, your voice, your rhythm—comma confidence will set you free. Plus, understanding the sentence structure underlying each comma rule helps you vary your sentences and make them more interesting.

Are -ing words really that bad?

What’s so terrible about -ing words? You might have heard advice to avoid them or use them sparingly. But just like the adverbs and adjectives so many like to ridicule, -ing words have their place. But where is that place? Read on.

How to get 5 important writing skills without going to college

I disagree with people who claim higher education is a waste of time and money. To me, it all depends on your goals. And of course, specialized education and training is required for many jobs and careers.

But do writers need a college degree? Not necessarily.

How to write blog posts faster with an outline

An outline might sound as boring as corn flakes or stale beer, but any kind of writing needs structure and organization. And for bloggers, an outline can reduce time, stress, and worry. Plus it keeps you organized and on track, especially if you’re writing an epic post that’s long and involved.


The most popular blog posts aren’t always the most trendy or witty. They’re the blog posts with information people want and need to read. Why do you think these posts are so popular? Which ones are most useful to you?

Share your favorite post with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you hang out online. And as always, if you have something to say, fire away in the comment section below.

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