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Ghostwriting Fiction: Is It for You?

Ghostwriting, as you probably know, is professional writing done for an individual person or company without getting public credit for it. An autobiography, for example, may claim the subject as the author even if the book was written entirely by someone else—ghostwritten. In some cases, a writer may get partial credit. An “as-told-to” memoir is… Read more

The Em Dash and How to Use It Correctly

This post was originally published on December 30, 2016 and was updated on July 19, 2019. Do you use em dashes? Do you know what an em dash is? If you do, you’re in good company. Lots of writers use em dashes—a lot. I definitely do—sometimes more than I should. And since too many em… Read more

How to Write Sex Scenes from Sweet to Steamy Hot

Sex scenes can be challenging for any writer. Aspiring novelists, especially, struggle with how much to tell and how to tell it. Even a “sweet” or mildly sensual scene isn’t easy, and unabashed writers with no qualms about “open door” encounters find blazing-hot situations just as challenging. Writing intimacy scenes takes skill, practice, and knowing… Read more

It’s Your Emotions, Writer—Take Baby Steps

I want to tell you a secret. You know how sometimes you should be writing, but you’re not? You might even feel guilty, and It’s always there, nagging, in the back of your head. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction or nonfiction writer, a poet or a wanna-be-big-time blogger. What matters is that you… Read more

Show, Don’t Tell

A common question fiction writers ask is, “What does show, don’t tell mean?” Writers have asked me in email or on Facebook, and I’ve heard it in local writing groups. Online writing forums. Twitter. Everywhere. Here’s an easy way to understand show, don’t tell. You’ve heard of online dating, right? Of course you have. Bumble… Read more