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Calliope, the chief of the nine Muses, oversees epic poetry and eloquence and is believed to have been Homer’s Muse.

Dreaming of writing—and publishing—your own book?

You envision a novel, a children’s picture book, or maybe a memoir. The book has a gorgeous cover, and right under the title is your name. Woo!

You’re not the only one. Lots of writers just like you have the same dream. But compared to the number of dreamers, only a very few go on to make the dream a reality. It’s just a fact: to publish your book, you need to do some hard work. But what about some inspiration meanwhile?

Some of those very special dreamers happen to be right here in the Simple Writing readership. They’re dreamers, sure, but they’ve also done it. They’ve made the dream happen.

In fact, you’re rubbing shoulders with them right now. Virtually, anyway. Think about it: They read Simple Writing articles just like you do, and they might even be reading this right now. Pretty cool, huh?

And I’m honored not just because they’re reading but also because they’ve agreed to let me feature their published work.

It’s inspiration for anyone. A dream is one thing, but making the dream a reality is another. And it’s hard work. But if they can do it, you can too.

Take a few moments to get your dose of inspiration right now.

Go ahead and browse through each synopsis, and take a look at each author’s website. 

And grab a copy of your favorites for yourself or a friend. You’ll enjoy a good read plus support a writer just like you who dared to make the dream a reality.

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? Ready to write and publish your book?

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And then get to work on your own dream!

Note: I’m not earning anything through this. No affiliate links, no commission, nothing. I just want to help my readers, appreciate and support fellow writers, and cheer them on.

Publish your bookAdventures of a Chilehead: A Mini-Memoir with Recipes

by Sharon Lippincott
Available at Amazon
Author website: The Heart and Craft of Life Writing

“It feels so good to hurt so bad.” Sharon Lippincott, a self-professed chilehead from childhood, invokes this mantra to explain her lifelong love affair with this mystical fruit, spelled to honor her New Mexican roots. In Adventures of a Chilehead, she takes readers on a mouth-searing journey through fifty years of increasingly challenging involvement with capsaicin, the heat-giving element in chile. As heat levels escalate, she strives to maintain a balance between the transcendent euphoria of heat-induced endorphins and serious pain in capsicum capers such as “Death by Salsa” and “Great Balls of Fire.” Much of her pleasure comes from preparing chile-based soul food, and she includes twenty-two richly detailed classic recipes that tell you how to adjust heat levels for any taste.

Publish your bookFish Tails & Lady Legs

by Pascale Kavanagh
Available at: Feed Your Soul
Author website: Feed Your Soul

What keeps us from letting our song be heard?
How can we trust in love when we keep getting burned?

All Lalune wants to do is sing. Problem is, she’s underwater. Literally. This despairing mermaid needs a way out. Only a miracle will do.

Monique left a famed career as an acclaimed chef, and has let her heart grow cold. A passion-filled weekend with a Latin stranger melts her defenses, and lights her fire once again.

These erotic and uplifting tales move from the dark depths of the ocean to a Las Vegas penthouse, intersecting with a surprise connection that will titillate and inspire.

Publish your bookThe Greatest Thing

by Robbie McCauley
Available at Amazon
Author website: New Book Writer

Australia Airlines Flight AQ15 disappears on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Australia. It is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean. But did it?

Dana Bell’s husband and her mother were on the flight. In this sequel to The Eleventh Hour, the family’s story continues. Before she dies on the missing plane, Dana’s mother Eve Maddison wrote a book called Secrets of a Mafia Wife. Mafia links strive by any means to ensure that the book is never published. When these efforts fail, Mafia bosses take revenge.

Meanwhile, the struggle to publish the book reveals more astonishing family secrets. Despite the loss of loved ones, love conquers all. Tolerance, understanding and forgiveness are found to be the by-products of love. The passengers on the plane die. But how? Why has the plane never been found? Find out!

Publish your bookMeg the Egg

by Rita Antoinette Borg
Available at Amazon
Author website: Rita Borg

Little Meg finds the outside world a bit too loud and far too scary! So, she’s going to stay inside her safe white shell, thank you very much. But then the Howl breaks into the barn and steals Mother Hen! What is she supposed to do, still holed up in that egg of hers?

A tale of self-discovery that speaks to all children’s fears of the unknown, Ms. Borg delivers a great read-aloud resource for parents and teachers alike. With an onomatopoeic construction that gives life to the story and encourages children to participate through repetition of words, noises and actions, Meg the Egg is the perfect story for beginning readers. Available in Kindle and print on Amazon, Book Depository, and many book outlets.

Publish your bookNever in A Month of Sundays

by Philip Bromley
Available at Amazon
Author website: Phillip Bromley

Out of the blue, an old colleague offers James a lecturing engagement on a Mediterranean cruise liner. He’s unsure about accepting when Wendy telephones unexpectedly and invites herself for the evening. She drinks too much and has to stay the night, and they make love. Exciting though it was, the night’s events can never be repeated. She’s married and their relationship must not be allowed to develop.

James flies to Rome to join the cruise and avoid a potential love triangle. Unsettled by recent events, he slips back into depression and is on the brink of being sent home. Disaster is only averted by the new-found friendship of a fellow lecturer and depression sufferer, Barbara Green.

Barbara specializes in historical literature, and with James’ love of history they form an instant bond. When they meet at the ship’s swimming pool, Barbara takes his breath away. The two feel a strange closeness. They know this is real life, not one of those mid-life romance novels. Will this friendship turn into a romantic love story? Will fact be stranger than fiction?

Publish your bookThe Road Home

by Judy Sheer Watters
Available at Amazon
Author website:

Stopping just inside the door, he quickly took in the diner and then focused on her. He slowly removed his gray fedora hat to reveal his wavy black hair. “Good morning,” he said. “I’m Nathan, the new cook. I guess it’s time to put the eggs on for breakfast.” And that’s how it all starts—a city boy from a New York City orphanage well versed in the school of hard knocks meets a country girl who thinks she wants a life of travel and excitement. Together they show how living an honest, but sometimes hilarious life is essential to a happy family.

Publish your bookA Slow Burn

by Shah Wharton
Available at
Author website: Shah

It wasn’t the first time Bernie had woken up in a stranger’s house with a sore head, although it’d been a while. But the stench of rotting meat, an eerie silence, and the head wound were new. In search of illumination, she opens the curtains to find a post-apocalyptic world outside. Reason screams—those aren’t sleeping revelers at her feet. They’re clammy dead bodies.

Struggling to remember the events leading to her taking refuge under a stranger’s bed, Bernie stumbles around, wounded and disoriented. In desperation, she hunts down the living, but with death and destruction everywhere, isolation becomes a monster all of its own. The events that led to this disaster begin to raid her mind, offering only snippets of forgotten information. When a girl finds her and leads her to other survivors, will Bernie remember the most important details in time to save them all, or are their fates irreversible?


Big thanks to these awesome writers. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share!

Comments are welcome as always.
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  • This published author is a huge fan of your site Leah, and of simple writing in general. I recommend your work (site and publications) to students in my memoir classes. I cringe at the thought that I’ll ever come to the point that I don’t have more to learn. Thanks for all you do to keep the English language coherent. 🙂

    And thanks for including Adventures of a Chilehead as one of your featured examples. All the titles look compelling. My tablet is about to gain weight!
    Sharon Lippincott recently posted…How and Why to Write about JOYMy Profile

    • Thanks Sharon! There’s no way we’ll run out of things to learn when it comes to writing, grammar, and anything concerning the English language. Even dictionaries and style manuals disagree, and linguists are always bickering about things.

      And you’re welcome! Yep, nice reading list here. 🙂

  • thank you leah. what an honor to be included here. i look forward to checking out the other books. they all look so interesting!

    Pascale Kavanagh recently posted…Titrate, Calibrate and Iterate – The Science of HappinessMy Profile

  • A wonderful site Leah. I feel honoured to be included. I will pass it on to my other writing friends. Thank you for your effort in achieving this.

    • Thanks, Robbie, and you’re welcome! It’s been a fun project 🙂

  • Great list of books here. Nice to see the range of topics. Thank you for putting this list together.
    Cathy Taughinbaugh recently posted…9 Ways To Help Yourself When You Are Concerned About Your ChildMy Profile

  • Thanks so much for including my book in your post 🙂 I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. X


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