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That’s Ms. Santa

A light, fun read that’s perfect for holiday downtime.


That's Ms. Santa

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Lexi Carrington is devastated when her boyfriend walks out on her. He was the one, or so she thought, and she’s so angry she gets over it pronto. Why waste her time when she has bills to pay?

Besides, Christmas is coming, and somehow, she’s broke. But a friend’s Facebook post gives her an idea: why not coordinate holiday parties and events as a part-time gig? She could dress up like Santa and give party-goers the time of their lives.

Her best friends are thrilled and help her find just the right outfits to wear. Meanwhile, her mom is fretting about her lack of marriage proposals, and she invites a new neighbor to Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, matchmaking isn’t one of her talents, and Lexi has zero expectations.

Until the doorbell rings and she’s face to face with the boy-turned-gorgeous-guy she had a crush on in middle school. Does a teenage crush mean anything fifteen years later? Will her ex-boyfriend apologize and sweep her off her feet? And what if her old crush is friends with her ex, who just happens to have some weird relatives?

Follow Lexi’s hilarious holiday-season adventure and find out where she ends up on Christmas Eve.

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