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Welcome to Simple Writing

Simple Writing 
is all about writing tips, information, and ways to make your writing better.

Why “simple writing?” I like to be direct, to the point, and clear. No messing around. Writing isn’t the big mystery that many people think it is—it’s a craft, an art, a form of expression like other art forms. And it requires practice. After all, the only way to write well is to learn, keep writing, rinse, and repeat.

All the other stuff—schedules, software, writer’s block, writer’s groups, writer’s circles, book signings, conferences, yada yada, this and that and the other thing—it’s all extraneous. Not that I don’t value or talk or write about that stuff; I do. But it’s not the main point. Writing is the main point. In other words, no BS happening here.

You’re either writing or you’re not. Writing makes you a writer.

I’m not only a blogger, I’m also an editor, an author, and a former college writing instructor as well as a freelance writer. Did I mention poet? Yep, that too. I’ve had a few poems published, plus I’ve written and published a novel and two novellas. You can check them out if you’d like.

Colors – A Novel
That’s Ms.Santa
The Final Resistance

I’m constantly on the lookout for new knowledge and inspiration, and I’m always learning and improving—it’s a lifelong commitment for any serious writer. And part of that means helping you become the best writer you can be: what I learn, you can learn. Not a bad deal, right?

Pull up a seat, grab your favorite beverage, and let’s get going.

All the best to you and your writing!



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