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Copyedit Your Novel or Nonfiction Book

Copyediting a novel course

You’re an aspiring author, and you’ve written a fabulous novel. The plot’s fantastic, your characters are well developed, and you know you’re destined for success.

A minute later, it’s horrible. Childish. Stupid. Why doesn’t it sound like the bestsellers you read? Maybe this is your second or third attempt, but after a few rejections or dismal Amazon sales, you’re ready to give up.

If you’re a non-fiction writer, you go through the same process. Your book is fab—the outline’s perfect, and the research is solid. The professional formatting couldn’t be better, and the cover is almost done. But you have a problem…

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Blog Post in a Box

Get the Writing Help You Need Without spending a fortune.

If you’re an experienced writer with a blog, you know that crafting effective, regularly scheduled blog posts isn’t always easy.

And if you’re a blogger without a lot of writing experience, you might feel totally confused. Overwhelmed. Discouraged. Or you’re just not sure whether your writing is any good.

And without a doubt, if you’ve tried your hand at guest posting—and you didn’t have much luck—there’s a reason.

Write better blog posts with less worry, time, and frustration.

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