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Essential writing steps for blog posts

Do you ever wonder how other writers write? How they create a blog post or any other kind of writing? What their writing steps are?

If you feel frustrated and lost sometimes—especially if you’re tormented by writers block—take a look at my system in the screencast below.

I intentionally saved the steps (in separate documents) from a post I wrote a few weeks ago so I could share them with you.

And you know what I started with, right? An outline! Of course.

An outline is essential

The other steps are important too. But if you don’t start with an outline, all you’ll have is a mass of ideas that—at best—creates confusion.

Questions or comments? Fire away!

And yeah, I know my refrigerator started running halfway through. Apparently my microphone is more sensitive than I thought. (I’ll unplug it next time. 🙂

BPB afterpost
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  • I am merely a want to be writer. Knowing where to begin and by following your example, I have more hope of realizing this aspiration. Thank you for your well presented guide.

    • Glad to be of help, Mary! “Wanting to be” is a great start. Hang around and you’ll get plenty of ideas and inspiration 🙂

  • I know how important outlines can be. They can help you get all of your thoughts out in your writing. They can help keep your work organized and easier to understand. Even still, I never use an outline when writing for my blog. I just think of a topic and start writing. Usually I’m pretty happy with the form it naturally takes. But I should try forcing myself to use outlines and see if it improves my work.
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